[P74] Environmental Specialist

Parque Industrial de Elche (Poligono Industrial), Spain


Implement and maintain regulatory requirements and ensure our facility can support production and launch goals while meeting all environmental, health, and safety objectives. 


  • Responsible for environmental compliance with all applicable regulations. 

  • Perform tasks related to Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) such as: regulatory hazardous waste handling, storage, and disposal. 

  • Monitor and manage levels of hazardous waste at each department's satellite accumulation area. 

  • Ensure all waste is properly labeled and stored according to its classification 

  • Perform all required hazardous waste and hazardous material storage area inspections 

  • Coordinate waste shipments with waste disposal contractor 

  • Perform tasks related to spill response/prevention 

  • Order and maintain adequate spill supplies: spill pads, empty drums, secondary containment, and other equipment necessary to maintain safe handling and correct disposal of hazardous waste 

  • Perform environmental compliance and due diligence audits 

  • Perform boots on the ground safety oversight by identifying and correcting workplace hazards and unsafe conditions 

  • Assist in the implementation and compliance of site-specific safety policies 

  • Conduct and/or coordinate employee safety and environmental training programs and assist with emergency response training drills 

  • Ensure notification and corrective actions are put in place when any unsafe condition is presented or found throughout the site 

  • Perform inspections of the site's emergency response equipment 

  • Assist in accident/mishap investigations when necessary 

Required Knowledge

  • FP II or similar 

  • +2 years of experience implementing and overseeing aspects related to environmental, health and safety program. 

Valued competences

  • Bachelor’s degree 

  • Experience in aerospace industry 

  • Experience in manufacturing environments 

  • Experience in managing hazardous waste storage and satellite accumulation areas 

  • Experience in performing boots on the ground safety oversight 

  • Experience implementing/developing health and safety plans and policies 

  • Experience with emergency response crews in incidents involving hazardous and non-hazardous material releases to air, soil and water.

Equal Employment Opportunity

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