[P63] Program Specialist

Parque Industrial de Elche (Poligono Industrial), Spain


Management engineering projects. You will be responsible for providing support in the planning of projects, as well as their monitoring and reporting. 


  • Review of engineering project planning (all areas: systems, avionics, propulsion, structures, recovery and FTS).  

  • Support in the closing of the criteria for monitoring and reviewing critical milestones.  

  • Identification and weekly monitoring of risks and updating of the risk map. Coordination with the engineering team to derive new risks.  

  • Coordination of the tasks between task forces that affect engineering teams.  

  • Review of activities and critical points in the short term (5 days, 2 weeks and 4 weeks) in planning and referring tasks to the various engineering teams.  

  • Support in the complete review of the planning every 6 weeks (biquarterly) and preparation of reports for decision-making bodies. . 

  • Preparation of subsystem and task-force schedules 

  • Participate in the relationship and interdependence of tasks with subsystems planning with schedules of task-force as well as relating the intermediate planning with the master planning of the MIURA 1 and MIURA 5 program.  

  • Track the daily tasks and subtasks in the company´s ERP, and check that they are all conveniently reported in their respective engineering boards.   

  • Update the planning of each team leader and cross-check the ERP. 

  • Provide management and coordination support for new projects (institutional projects)

Knowledge Required

  • Degree in Aeronautic or Aerospace Engineering, or equivalent degree. 

  • Minimum 2 years of experience in project management, management assistance, programmatic or similar. 

  • Ability to work transversally in the different areas of engineering.

  • Great engineering understanding. 

Competences  Required

  • English 

  • Stress Tolerance 

  • Problem solving 

  • Multitasking 

  • Workload capacity 

  • Autonomy 

  • Organization skills 

  • Impact and influence 

Competences desired

  • Experience in aerospace industry 


  • Location: Elche 
  • Full time position  

Equal Employment Opportunity

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We are compromised in maintaining a diverse and free from discrimination working environment where everyone is treated with respect. Employment is based on an individual’s merit and qualifications, directly related to job competence.

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