[P48] Lean Engineer

Parque Industrial de Elche (Poligono Industrial), Spain


Responsible to lead the company initiative to move towards lean production environment. Acts as a central resource for lean manufacturing and assists with day-to-day production support and improvements. 


  • Responsible to manage all activities for a lean production philosophy, productivity and safety advantagesenvironment and implementation. 
  • Develop principle work standards and line balancing for productivity. 

  • Identify manufacturing cost reductions and provide ROI justifications for change. 

  • Optimize machining processes to reach product quality, efficiency and process repeatability. 

  • Execute LEAN manufacturing techniques and design. 

  • Optimize work flow and cell designs and introduce cost-effective automation for productivity and safety advantages 

  • Design machine and tools for new product or process. 

  • Track and execute cost reduction for process improvements. 

  • Plan, execute and manage projects to complete through product continuous improvement. 

  • Communicate Lean group’s philosophy, vision and expectations. 

  • Develop and sustain employees training and development on lean concepts. 

  • Develop measurement systems supporting lean manufacturing philosophy 

  • Lead value stream mapping exercises to determine and record business improvement areas. 

  • Develop and implement project plans to achieve Future State. 

Required Knowledge
  • 4 years of experience with Six Sigma and/or Lean Manufacturing initiatives in production 
  • Bachelor’s degree in Industrial, Manufacturing, Mechanical Engineering or equivalent 
  • Work experience with implementation of adaptable robotics/automation 
  • Understanding production processes and operations 

Required Competences
  • Certification in Six Sigma or Lean Manufacturing preferred 
  • Aerospace industry knowledge 
  • CAD/CAM/CAE experience either in manufacturing or design engineering 

Equal Employment Opportunity
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