[P47] Launch Engineer

Parque Industrial de Elche (Poligono Industrial), Spain


To coordinate critical efforts to enable our launch vehicles (MIURA 1 and MIURA 5) missions.  

This position will be a key interface to various engineering members and to other launch team members. In addition, this position will interface with various government agencies to obtain required approvals for launch, including flight safety documentation, launch procedures, launch checklists and timelines, CONOPS implementation as well as other specific mission requirements and documentation.  

You will work with the launch vehicle design teams to ensure that engineering changes from vehicle testing are implemented in the vehicle design and be part of the test process and launch process as final approvals are obtained for vehicle testing or launch.


  • Develop and execute procedures for the checkout and integration of new and flight proven rockets and ground support equipment. 

  • Develop, improve, and execute checks and inspections with procedures and checklists to ensure that all launch sequence is well executed. 

  • Assist with and lead hands-on assembly, integration, testing and verification of new and flight-proven vehicle assemblies 

  • Lead critical on-site operations while collaborating with engineering teams to resolve off-nominal rest results and ensure flight readiness. 

  • Partner with and provide direction to skilled field technicians. 

  • Design and develop tools and hardware to enable vehicle assembly and conduct vehicle system testing 

  • Identify high-risk processes and problems during flight hardware processing, and implement improvements to ensure operational excellence 

  • Lead and facilitate root cause and corrective action investigations to ensure that issues related to product reliability and quality that cause downstream disruption are corrected. 

  • Develop and refine manufacturing assembly procedures based on lessons learned 

  • Manage work orders and the driving of non-conformances into actionable items and system improvements. 

  • Own and be responsible for the compilation of required documents for launch vehicle missions 

  • Identify requirements for each mission from the Mission Manager, customer and government approving agencies and pass these to the launch vehicle technical teams 

  • Manage the development and coordination of the key mission, regulatory, business, safety, performance and interface requirements and track them. 

  • Track implementation of these requirements and collect required documentation 

  • Interface with outside agencies as required. 

  • Develop and implement launch vehicle certification plans. 

  • Interact with engineering teams, commercial and business development teams and government customers.

Required knowledge

  • Bachelor’s degree: aerospace engineering or aeronautical engineering 

  • Master’s degree. 

  • 3+ year of hands-on experience with mechanical, electrical and/or fluid systems in the design, manufacturing or implementation phases.

Required competences

  • Ability to work in a fast-paced, autonomously driven, and demanding start-up atmosphere 

  • Mental fitness with the ability to work in a high-concentration, high-stress environment requiring prolonged mental concentration (under possible extended work hours) 

  • Ability to learn, lead others, and help others learn while maintaining productivity 

  • Availability to travel when needed 

  • Ability to be flexible on shifts 

  • Strong organizational abilities 

  • Able to consolidate multiple requirements into concise, actionable items. 

  • Excellent communication skills 

  • Strong writing and documentation skills. 

Valued competences

  • Professional experience in designing, building, integrating and testing complex multidisciplinary systems 

  • Experience writing test plans and test procedures 

  • Experience on projects that involve integration of electrical, mechanical and software systems. 

  • Hands-on experience with launch vehicle integration, structure design or testing, test operations with fluids. 

  • Previous experience interfacing with government agencies 

  • Previous experience integrating payloads onto launch vehicles. 

Equal Employment Opportunity

Payload Aerospace SL is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against gender, marital status, religion, age, colour, race, sexual orientation, nationality or disability.

We are compromised in maintaining a diverse and free from discrimination working environment where everyone is treated with respect. Employment is based on an individual’s merit and qualifications, directly related to job competence.

These principles are included in all aspects of employment: recruiting, hiring, training, compensation and benefits, and promotion.