[P41] Supply Chain Manager

Parque Industrial de Elche (Poligono Industrial), Spain


Lead the development of operational activities of purchasing and subcontracting teams.   


  • Create the company’s supply chain strategy 

  • Analyze data from shipping and delivering processes to find bottlenecks and other issues  

  • Evaluate and report on KPIs  

  • Monitor logistics to make sure they run smoothly  

  • Maintain supply chain inventory and records 

  • Train and guide employees 

  • Find cost-effective solutions for supply chain processes 

  • Resolve issues that come up (e.g. delays in delivery, accidents) 

  • Collaborate with other departments to create coordinated plans for business growth 

  • Develop and implement safety guidelines in all aspects of the supply chain (e.g. use of trucks, forklifts) 

  • Ensure supply chain processes meet legal requirements and standards 

  • Communicate and negotiate with suppliers and vendors to land more profitable deals

Required competences

  • Degree in aerospace/aeronautical engineering or similar 

  • Engineering Master 

  • English B2-C1 

  • Experience of at least 6 years in similar roles  

  • Decision making 

  • Leadership 

  • Versatility 

  • Multitasking 

  • Teamwork 

  • Accounting skills 

  • Knowledge of financial statements 

  • Understanding industrial-business and procurement systems 

  • Logistics skills 

  • Communication 

  • Planning and organizing 

  • Time management 

  • Adaptability 

  • Negotiation skills 

  • Project management skills 

  • Contract and legal knowledge 

  • Business ethics 

  • Networking 

  • Data analysis 

  • Inventory management 

Required Knowledge

  • Technical knowledge of the operation of national and international supply chains 

  • Knowledge of the different technologies and processes of aerospace and industrial manufacturing 

  • Knowledge of internal and external logistics processes and warehouse management 

  • Knowledge of project and team management

Valued competences

  • Demonstrable experience leading teams or projects of Integration and / or Supply Chain in the aeronautics, aerospace or similar sector. 

  • Experience in the development of processes from R+D and prototyping to mass production 

  • Experience with orbital launch systems or space vehicles, as well as aerospace projects or programs 

  • Experience in the complete lifecycle of the development of an aerospace system 

  • Experience with PLM suite 

  • Experience in integration of complex aerospace/aeronautical components and subsystems 

  • Knowledge of Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma or similar, as well as its practical application 

  • Experience with EN9001 and/or EN9100 quality standards and similar 

  • Management of high-performance multidisciplinary team 

  • Change management in ever-growing teams 

  • Proactive and entrepreneurial mindset, able to work independently 

  • Able to adapt to an environment of rapid change and new project assignments 

  • High capacity for concentration and attention to detail highlighting efficiency and precision at work 

  • Negotiation and problem-solving skills encompassing different disciplines and sectors 

  • Ability to work as part of an integrated team including continuous iterations with technicians, engineers and managers 

Equal Employment Opportunity

Payload Aerospace SL is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against gender, marital status, religion, age, colour, race, sexual orientation, nationality or disability.

We are compromised in maintaining a diverse and free from discrimination working environment where everyone is treated with respect. Employment is based on an individual’s merit and qualifications, directly related to job competence.

These principles are included in all aspects of employment: recruiting, hiring, training, compensation and benefits, and promotion.