Avionics Mechanical Design Engineer

Parque Industrial de Elche (Poligono Industrial), Spain


As a Mechanical Design Engineer of the Avionics Team, you will be responsible for all aspects of avionics mechanical design and development, providing also support on the manufacturing, assembly and its integration in launch vehicles. 


  • Analyse and trace high-level avionics requirements to mechanical specifications. 
  • Elaborate internal design criteria standards and rules for avionics mechanical parts. 


  • Analyse design drivers in terms of mass, EMC, ESD protection, thermal dissipation, component location, loads, hermeticity, corrosion, thermal environment, vibrations, shocks and other operating environment conditions to design avionics mechanical components. 
  • Perform technical trade-off analysis and selection of materials for mechanical parts. 
  • Design of avionics mechanical components in accordance with applicable requirements, and standards. 
  • Lead the design activities of avionics mechanical components (cases, enclosures, boxes, lids, sealing system, bolted joints, etc.) and parts to withstand maximum expected operating and non-operating environments (vibration, thermal, EMI, shock, etc.). 
  • Define mechanical design rules in accordance with most common manufacturing processes and criteria (machining, sheet metal, 3D printing, etc.). 
  • Perform configuration control tasks and subsystem tree definition. 
  • Perform R&D investigations and trade studies to push the avionics mechanical design to new boundaries in terms of mass and cost savings. 
  • Analysis 
  • Perform analysis to demonstrate the structural integrity and strength of mechanical components. 
  • Perform thermal analysis and modelling of avionics components, including thermal loads, heat transfer, and temperature distribution predictions to validate electrical and mechanical designs. 


  • Generate and release on schedule engineering documentation such as 3D models, Drawings, ICDs, BOMs, MCI and weight reports, analysis and technical reports and Eng. Change Notes for the complete definition of Detailed Parts, Assemblies and Installation. 
  • Document and communicate the design and analysis results thoroughly and clearly via design reviews. 


  • Provide interface support with the AIT team to ensure compliance with the final design and feasibility to fulfill schedule goals. 
  • Participate collaboratively with engineers of different areas to collect inputs required for the design of mechanical pieces and part and keep updated all the avionics mechanical and physical interfaces. 

Required Competencies

  • B.S. degree or higher in Mechanical engineering, Aerospace engineering or an appropriate engineering field. 
  • 4+ years of experience working in related positions. 
  • 4+ years of experience in mechanical design of avionics components. 
  • 4+ years of experience working with 3D design software. 
  • 2+ years of experience in the aerospace industry. 
  • Experience with requirements management, translating stakeholders/high-level requirements to mechanical design solutions. 
  • Knowledge in selection and application of mechanical design criteria and rules, aerospace standards, materials, strengths, and other mechanical properties according to loading conditions and operating environment. 
  • Capability to solve complex design problems to tight schedules with minimal supervision. 
  • Strong teamwork and communication skills with a demonstrated ability to interact with other disciplines.  
  • Proven ability to work in a transversal and multitasking environment.  
  • Excellent attention to detail. 
  • Fluency in written and verbal communication, both Spanish and English. 

Desired Competencies

  • Proficiency with Siemens NX and Teamcenter. 
  • Experience concerning the typical design requirements of mechanical components exposed to extreme conditions (cryogenic, high temperatures, vibration environment, etc.). 
  • Familiar with the main manufacturing technologies and capabilities (machining, sheet metal forming, welding, composite hand lay-up, RTM, filament winding, etc.), and most typical assembly’s methods and processes (drilling operations, reaming, mechanical joints by means of standard parts, metallic welding, bonding, sealing, finish painting, marking). 
  • Knowledge of the most common corrosion prevention rules and surface protection. 
  • Knowledge of structural analysis in both static and dynamic conditions. 
  • Knowledge of Linear and Non-Linear Static analysis for metallic components, buckling, bolted joint, fatigue, etc. 
  • Experience using Finite Element Analysis principles and associated tools. 
  • Knowledge of heat transfer principles, thermal management techniques, and thermal control systems. 
  • Experience using thermal analysis software tools, such as ANSYS, Thermal Desktop, or similar. 
  • Experience in insulation materials, procedures, and methods. 


  • Location: Elche 
  • Full time position 
  • Flexibility and willingness to travel domestically and internationally as required.